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Watch 2018 showreel here.

Compositing Crowd

CG Shorts

Watch the CG short – movies & the ‘Making of’ here.

Film: Bologna Anno 2158 – Tutto il Palazzo (vfx)

More on this project: here.

Lighting & Shading

3D Still Render – Clock fall


Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Renderman.

3D Still Render – Lewis’ Desk

Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Renderman, Adobe Photoshop.

More about this project here.

 Modeling & Shading

3D Cartoon Render – Presidential Car* – Running Pinup



Software: Maya, Mudbox, Renderman, Ps. *Car was modeled by Bigrock.

Software: Maya, Pixar Renderman.

3D Render – Kid Shoes – Little Planet


Software: Maya, Renderman, Ps.




 Trailer – Tutto il Palazzo (La Repubblica).

Skyline 3d Track & Compositing

1- Crowd Systems and Armies

2- Matte Painting and 3d Projection:


Animazione Foto d’epoca

Software: Ps, Pr Pro, Ae.

 Motion Graphics Spot

Spot for the Xth Edition ofyoungabout-festivalScreened in cinemas of Bologna, Casalecchio and Parma.

Concept (First love) by Giovanni Lazzari Created by Giovanni Lazzari & Giovanni Fabbri.

Software: Adobe After Effects.

Software: Maya, Pixar Renderman.

Software: Ps, Ae, Insta 360

3D FULL CGI Spot – Concept, Fx & Compositing

Software: Blender

Spot for ‘Moon Boot – The Original’

Created by a team of five people, of which me, at Bigrock – Institute of Magic Technologies, during a week contest for ‘Moon Boot – The Original’. I made all the concept and animation of the fonts, the colorful animation effect of the city, the final implosion of logo till the end.

Software: Ae.

Interactive 3D Web – Browse around a 3d model and Select a color.

Software: Blender

You can browse in real time this 3d web HERE.


Software: Maya, Pixar Renderman, After Effects. (Model, Rig, Animation, Post).

CG Animation of a still image

Software: retopology. Shading and Animation with Blender and Cycles.

Modeling, lighting and rendering in Maya, Renderman, Ae.

CG Shorts:

Il piccolo Girasole che s’innamorò della Luna (FULL CG)

Fiori, Calabroni e Fantasia (Integrazione CG nel reale).

More on theese projects: HERE



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